Are you looking for a Dermaplaning qualified Salon in Kent?

Look no further as Microblading & More in Newington is just waiting to transform your look.

Dermaplaning is the go to treatment currently to give you baby soft skin and a glow that will get people talking!

Using a surgical blade, dead skin cells and vellus “peach fuzz” hair are removed from your face. (Yes, even those upper lip hairs and chin whiskers will go!) This is a deep exfoliation treatment, which will reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improve any dry patches you may have and also reduce the appearance of any scars you may have on your face from such things as acne.

If you choose the ‘deluxe’ option, then after your dermaplaning you will get time to lay back and relax with a gold, gel bio-collagen face mask. This helps to moisturise and stimulate your own collagen production moving forward. It also assists with reducing any redness which could appear as a result of dermaplaning.

After dermaplaning your makeup will glide on flawlessly and your complexion will be brightened. Removing the top layer of the skin like this allows your moisturiser to sink in and your skin will soak it up. It is therefore important to moisturise lots after the treatment, as well as drinking plenty of water. You will be given full aftercare instructions on the day though.

Dermaplaning is a fabulous treatment to have as a stand alone, or as preparation for another treatment. It will give you a smooth base to start with and it will leave clear channels in your skin so any serums and skin products can soak into a deeper level therefore giving far better results. I recommend dermaplaning before mesotherapy facials, microneedling, or chemical peels for this reason.

Dermaplaning is a very gentle treatment, with no ‘down-time’ and is suitable for almost anybody. You just need to make sure you wear adequate sun protection afterwards as I will be removing your protection layers and hair!

At Microblading & More I will meet all your dermaplaning needs and offer you my Unique Guarantee with any service to show you exactly how confident I am that you will just love your visit to my Newington beauty salon.

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