Are you struggling to find Eyeliner Specialist Salons in Kent?

No need to look any further as I am one of the best eyeliner and eye enhancement specialist salons in Kent. I will meet all your eyeliner needs offering you our Unique Guarantee with any service to show you exactly how confident I am are that you will just love your visit to our eyeliner specialist salon.

With semi-permanent eyeliner, or eye enhamcement, your eyes will be given definition. They will literally ‘pop’ from the moment you open your eyes each morning, without the need to put on any makeup. Does this sound good to you?

I use a digital hand piece and work inbetween your existing lashes to build up the lashline. This gives the impresson of fuller, longer lashes, but still in a very soft and subtle way. However, if you would like a bolder look, then we can work on building up the eye enhancement to a more solid line.

This treatment is perfect for you if you are very sporty, or always in the pool and worry about false lashes coming off, or your macara and liner running. You will just wakeup with makeup!

In addition, this treatment is perfect for those who have lost their lashes through alopecia or chemotherapy, giving the illusion of lashes, even though they don’t have any. It really does make a difference to your look.

A full consultation and patch test will be needed before you can have this treatment.

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